Saturday, May 14, 2011

I miss you

I miss having friends in town to came over and vist. I know i have Sierra but its not the some . Must

people that love me are kids, don't get me wrong, I love kids, but I miss people my own age.

I did have 2 friends but they were nothing but losers and liars, what made me mad the must they

always made me pick them or Steve. I can not do that. so I told them to leave me alone, it was been
over a year now.

I do have 2 really good friends, but they don't life in the some sate, its hard I only seem them

once a year. I known one of them for 15 years, the other one for 12 years. I know who my real

friends are. The best part is even Sierra loves them.

I wish I could make more friends but its hard when I'm never alone,Its great that Steve as a

friend that he sees all the time, It seems like my lap top as been my only friend and its sad.

So thats how I been feeling lately.

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